Monday, February 22, 2010

A Dreamy Valentine

I know it's a little late for a Valentie's post. But it was a one of a kind, timless sort of night. My husband and I went to a Valentines banquet held in the famous Henry Ford Museum! Our tables were set up IN the museum, and our dance floor was under a vintage DC-3 plane, suspended from the ceiling. After a wonderful dinner, and a quick tour of the museum, my beloved of 32 years and I danced the night away..under the DC-3. Actually we danced our way down the corridor and to the coat check. DREAMY!


  1. Under a DC3? So the night was a bomb - in a good way. :-)

  2. Hey, after all the comments I had left you on your one and only post, on a whim and because I was thinking of you I was going to leave you another on that long list....surprise! How funny, and someone other than your loved ones beat me to it and left you a know you have a lot to share, you should really share...really... I like this picture you sent me the one of you guys staring forward, this one is much sweeter and softer, I would love to have dinner in the HF museum...amazing...actually, I would really just love to have dinner with you...XO Keke